Build. Believe. Belong. The Sabre Society is the executive philanthropic giving society for Virginia Athletics. Sabre Society members represent an exclusive community of philanthropic leaders whose participation has and will continue to transform Virginia Athletics and provide vital resources to make the University of Virginia a premier brand in college athletics. Contributions to the Sabre Society are above and beyond one’s Virginia Athletics Foundation (VAF) Annual Fund gift, except in- and out-of-state Scholarship Club donors.


Donors who make a minimum commitment of $25,000 beyond their Annual Fund gift (except in- and out-of-state Scholarship Club donors) that is fulfilled over five years ($5,000 per year), qualify for membership in the Sabre Society.


Athletic Director’s Excellence Fund: supports the areas of greatest and most pressing needs at the discretion of the Director of Athletics.

Facility Projects and Capital Improvements: supports current and future capital initiatives to enhance the experience for student-athletes and coaches.

Sport-specific Operations: provides supplemental support and operational enhancements earmarked exclusively and immediately for the sport of your choice.

Endowments: through various investment vehicles, provides annual spendable income necessary to support UVA Athletics’ over $24 million annual scholarship obligation, as well as other budget relieving expenses.

Annual Fund Scholarship Club: Annual Fund donors who cover in-state ($37,500) and out-of-state ($75,000) scholarship costs each year will be recognized as Sabre Society members for the year in which the Annual Fund commitment is made and subject for renewal annually.

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL): Donors making commitments to Cav Futures, the official NIL collective of Virginia Athletics, helps UVA student-athletes capitalize on their brand for lifetime success. Sabre Society benefits for contributions to Cav Futures Foundation will be effective July 1, 2024.


Gifts made to the Sabre Society beginning in 2024 and beyond qualify for VAF Lifetime Priority Points (pledge x .02) and for Bonus Priority Points per the table below. These Bonus Priority Points are awarded once a commitment is paid in full.


What is the purpose of the Sabre Society?

The purpose of the Sabre Society is to equip Virginia Athletics with the necessary resources to compete for conference and national championships while providing our student-athletes a world-class experience during this critical juncture in college athletics.

What are the requirements for membership in the Sabre Society?

There are multiple ways donors can qualify for Sabre Society membership:

  • Make a minimum commitment of $25,000 (paid over five-years if desired) above and beyond an Annual Fund gift
  • Annually donate at the Scholarship Club Level of $37,500 (in-state) or $75,000 (out-of-state) to the VAF Annual Fund

Why should I join the Sabre Society?

The Sabre Society presents donors with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the current and future success of UVA Athletics. In addition to providing critical support for all 27 sports at the University of Virginia, Sabre Society members will have access to unique stewardship opportunities that become more exclusive based on giving level. These new and enhanced experiences include team travel considerations, invites to unique events, and special behind-the-scenes access.

Does my gift qualify for a charitable income tax deduction?

  • Athletic Director’s Excellence Fund – Yes.
  • Facility Projects and Capital Improvements – Yes, unless the gift is associated with the right to purchase tickets, for example JPJ seating agreement or suites.
  • Sport-specific Operations – Yes.
  • Endowments – Yes.
  • Annual Fund Scholarship Club – No, if the gift is associated with benefits including the right to purchase tickets to home athletic events.
  • NIL – please consult with your tax advisor.

Does a pledge count towards Society membership?

Yes, donors who make a pledge will be stewarded at that level of support for five-years except for the in-state and out-of-state Annual Fund Scholarship Club levels, which receive one year of Sabre Society stewardship. Should a donor fall behind on their pledge payment schedule, VAF reserves the right to suspend one’s Sabre Society membership if pledge payments are not fulfilled in a timely manner.


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