The formula below provides an overview of how member priority points are calculated:

Current Year Annual Fund Commitment x .08
Total Lifetime Gifts Paid to VAF (since 1971 when giving histories were recorded) x .02
Consecutive Years of Paid Giving x 10
# of Consecutive Years Purchasing Season Tickets (football and basketball since 1993; all other sports with season tickets since 2007) x 5
Face Value of Bowl Ticket Purchases (starting with 2008 Gator Bowl) x .02
Facility Gift Points:
John Paul Jones Arena (paid by 2005) x .02
John Paul Jones Arena (paid in 2006) x .01
Indoor Practice Facility (paid by 2012) x .04
Indoor Practice Facility (paid in 2013) x .03
Milestone Giving Points for Years of Consecutive Giving:
15 Years 50
25 Years 100
40 Years 150

Members hoping to maximize points in any given year should be aware of some opportunities to increase priority points:

I Give 110% – Donors who increase their 2021 Annual Fund gift by 10% over their 2020 Annual Fund gift receive extra priority points 2020 gift x .05
Early Pay Bonus Points – Donors who pay all or a portion of their gift early in the year receive extra priority points
1st Quarter (paid by March 31, 2021) x .05
2nd Quarter (paid by June 30, 2021) x .03
3rd Quarter (paid by September 30, 2021) x .01
Cavalier Legacy Reward – Donors who make or have a planned gift of $25,000 or more to benefit VAF receive additional points 250
Young Alumni Program – Donors who earned a UVA degree in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021 receive a 100% match for their current year commitment Gift Match up to $5,000
Hoo Crew Sabre Points – Beginning with the Class of 2019, once a minimum $50 donation is made by December 31 of the graduation year, 20% of a graduate’s Sabre Points are converted to lifetime VAF priority points Sabre points x 20%

Members* of the VAF earn priority points that are used to determine their overall ranking among all members.

VAF uses a member’s priority points when assigning both ticket and parking locations. Priority points are recalculated each year and are activated when a current year Annual Fund pledge is made.

*Any individual that makes a donation to VAF becomes a VAF Member.