Cavs for Life

As a student-athlete alumnus, you are a Cavalier for Life. From your first day on Grounds to your last competition in a Virginia uniform and from final exercises on the Lawn to where you are now, you remember the life-changing experience that being a student-athlete was. You impacted Virginia athletics during your time here. Now, as a Cavalier for Life you have the chance to do it again.

By making an annual gift, you not only help your team, but all Virginia student-athletes that are here now. Every gift, no matter the size, creates an opportunity for student-athletes to achieve uncompromised academic and athletic excellence at the University of Virginia.

Please join us this year by making your commitment today.

October 21, 2017

for your complimentary tickets to UVA Homecomings 2017!

  • Boston College vs. Virginia Football
  • Saturday, October 21

We’re looking forward to having all Cavaliers for Life back in Charlottesville soon!

  • Tickets:  Register online for complimentary tickets (up to 2 per student-athlete alumnus)
  • Lodging:   A list of lodging options in Charlottesville
  • Hoos Coming Back:   Updated weekly showing alumni who have registered to attend
  • UVA Homecoming Events:   Check out all the UVA Alumni events going on around Homecomings Weekend

The Virginia Athletics Foundation encourages student-athlete alumni to return to Grounds each year for a chance to reunite with former teammates, classmates and friends through the All-Sports Reunion or Homecomings. In even years (i.e. 2016, 2018, etc.), the All-Sports Reunion brings student-athlete alumni back to the University for a weekend of planned activities such as an all-inclusive tailgate surrounding a football game and sport-specific events. In alternating odd years (i.e. 2015, 2017, etc.), student-athlete alumni are invited to return for Homecomings Weekend to spend time with teammates. This provides a less structured schedule for student-athlete alumni to spend time on Grounds attending other University functions, as well as the football game, and creating their own informal gatherings with former teammates. Every year, regardless of the event schedule, VAF and UVA Athletics recognize ACC and NCAA Championship teams who reach their 10-, 25- and 40-year anniversaries.