Cavalier Legacy recognizes donors who choose to support Virginia Athletics through financial or estate planning.  With planned gifts, donors may be able to make a greater impact than they thought possible during their lifetime.

Planned Gifts may be of three types:

1. Plans from your estate
Bequests are gifts you establish through your estate plans. These plans include wills or living trusts, re-tirement plans and life insurance.

2. Plans that pay you an income
You make a gift to the Virginia Athletics Foundation and receive income for your life or for the lives of the beneficiaries you choose. These plans include Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

3. Plans that help Virginia Athletics now and your family later
Income from a gift you make for a specified period of time is used to benefit Virginia Athletics, and then the remainder is returned to you or your heirs. This plan is called a Charitable Lead Trust.

Membership in Cavalier Legacy:

  • Donors who make an irrevocable planned gift, e.g. charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, life insurance policy, etc. will receive priority points based on the existing formula—contact a member of the VAF staff for details.

  • Donors who provide documentation naming the Virginia Athletics Foundation as a revocable beneficiary ($25,000 minimum) in the donor’s estate plans will receive 250 priority points.

  • Donors will be recognized on the Foundation’s website and in other publications where Cavalier Legacy is publicized or they can remain anonymous. Recognition of your gift can inspire others to give similarly.
  • The funds can be directed to a surviving family member who has a VAF donor account for future priority point credit.

  • Donors can name a scholarship or other endowment to be awarded and administered once the funds are received.

  • Donors will receive an occasional special invitation to an event or athletics contest.

For additional information, contact a member of the VAF staff at 434.982.5555.

Cavalier Legacy donors will be recognized in the University’s Cornerstone Society, which is comprised of forward-thinking alumni, parents and friends who give to the University or its related foundations through estate or financial plans, or other deferred gift arrangements.

To make a revocable gift to Cavalier Legacy, download this form.

For me, making a Cavalier Legacy gift was an easy way to maximize my donation in a way that doesn’t require a big outlay of cash today, but could have a tremendous impact on Virginia Athletics in the future.”

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There are 140 individuals who have notified VAF of their planned gifts that total an estimated $28,541,465.